Nat & Friends

Show opening animation, recreated in Tilt Brush for an episode about VR and creativity.

Nat & Friends is a YouTube channel exploring all things Google.
The channel launched in July 2015 – and over the course of two and a half years – produced 50+ videos (including these favorites), earning it an audience of 200,000+ subscribers, and 30+ million views.

I was the channel’s co-creator, creative director, writer, and host. I conducted 65+ on-camera interviews with experts about machine learning, computer vision, giant internet balloons, underwater fiber optic cables, Street View, Google Earth, Google Translate, voice search, and more.

I also ran the Nat & Friends Twitter account, authored Google blog posts, created content for Google’s social channels, and spearheaded an AMA with two Google researchers about machine learning.

Although I no longer produce new content for the channel, I hope it continues to help people understand the technology in their everyday lives.

Selected Press:
Go Behind The Scenes To Learn How Google Created The Pixel 2’s Camera - No Film School
Explore The Planet With The New And Improved Google Earth - Forbes
This awesome YouTube video explains computer vision in under 10 minutes - TN
Walt Disney Came AFTER This Female Animation Pioneer - Refinery 29
Googlers Explain How Uploading And Watching YouTube Videos Actually Works - tubefilter
The Next Android Now Has A Name: Marshmallow - Wired
All The Questions About Artificial Neural Networks You Were Too Afraid To Ask - Gizmodo
What Is Google’s Tango, Exactly, And Why Should You Care? - Fast Co. Design
Google Now’s voice is starting to sound way more natural - The Verge
Here’s What’s Inside An Undersea Internet Cable - Popular Mechanics 

YouTube Silver Creator Award
2016 Webby Honoree for Science & Education Online Film and Video

Episode: Google Earth’s Incredible 3D Imagery, Explained

Episode: How Google Built the Pixel 2 Camera

Episode:  Will Computers Ever Hear Like People Do?

Episode: How Machine Learning Is Generating Strange, New Sounds - ft. Andrew Huang

Explore the visual language of the show in this collection of still frames and GIFs.

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