Natalie Dennis is a creative director and writer based in Florida.

She has a masters degree from the Virginia Commonwealth University Brandcenter, and a bachelor’s degree in journalism and psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

She’s currently a Group Creative Lead at the Google Creative Lab, where she’s worked since 2010. Her work focuses on making common, everyday technologies feel relatable, emotional and captivating.  

At the Creative Lab, she’s been lucky to work on a wide variety of projects: from commercials for Google brands like Search, Chrome, Android and Pixel, to documentary videos exploring voice search and artificial intelligence, to branding for new Google and Google [x] products, to assignments where she’s been asked to imagine the future of technology in storyform.

In 2015, she semi-accidentally became a YouTuber / documentarian for Google, after co-creating a YouTube channel that went behind the scenes at Google to explain how machine learning, Street View, YouTube, and many other types of technologies work.

Natalie is happiest when exploring new worlds and ideas. She loves diving deep into a subject, extracting out simple truths, and turning these into creative works that resonate.

She can be reached at nataliedenniswork at gmail dot com.

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